Arbeitstreffen Gießen 2015: Internationale Tagung From Kebab to Ćevapčići. Eating Practices in Ottoman Europe

(SOG, Schroubek Fonds, GiZo) und organisatorisches Treffen Gießen, 24.-26. September 2015:

Thursday, September 24TH 


Arrival, opportunity to join a Get-Together beginning with 7 PM 


Friday, September 25TH


09.00 AM

Introduction Arkadiusz Blaszczyk MA, Prof. Dr. Stefan Rohdewald


Panel I: Early Modern Foodscapes


09:15 AM

Margareta Aslan, Ph D. (Cluj-Napoca)

The Value of Spices in the Romanian Territories


09:45 AM 

Arkadiusz Blaszczyk MA (Giessen)

The Food Factor in the Tatar Raids and their Perception


10:15 AM Coffee Break


10:30 AM

Castilia Manea-Grgin (Zagreb)

Italian-Inspired Cookbooks for Romanian and Croatian Aristocracy: A Reality of the 17th Century?

11:00 AM

Ágnes Drosztmér MA (Budapest)

From Fast to Feast: Ottoman Food and Consumption in Religious Contexts according to Central European Sources (Fifteenth - Sixteenth Centuries)


11:30 AM

Prof. Dr. Vjeran Kursar (Zagreb)

‘Their God is Their Belly, Their Mother is Their Drunkenness‘. Bosnian Franciscans on Alcohol Consumption in Ottoman Bosnia

12:00 PM 

Disscussion and Commentary Daniel Ursprung lic phil (Zurich)



12:45 PM Lunch



Panel II: Occidentalisms and the Local


2:30 PM

Ass. Prof. Dr. Özge Samancı (Istanbul)

Ottoman Food Culture in the Balkan Peninsula through the Exotic Views of the 19th Century Traveler’s Accounts


3:00  PM

Dr. Uroš Urošević (Istanbul)

Cooking in the Times of Change: Mahmud Nedim bin Tosun’s Aşçıbaşı and the Ottoman Cuisine between Asia and Europe in the 19th Century


3:30 PM Coffee Break


3:45 PM

Aylin Öney Tan

Digesting Change? Challenges of Westernisation and Aliyah over the food tradition of Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Community in the 19th and 20th Centuries


4:15 PM 

Dr. Tamara Scheer (Vienna)

The Austro-Hungarian Presence in Sanjak Novi Pazar (1879-1908) and the Political Dimension of Food Consumption and Evening Events


4:45 PM

Prof. Dr. Burak Onaran (Istanbul)

Questioning the Most Strict Dietary Taboo of Islam: The Pork Issue during the Early Republican Period in Turkey (1920-1950)


5:15 PM 

Prof. Dr. Christoph Neumann (Munich)

Rakı-Production and Consumption in Istanbul (19. and 21. Centuries)


5:45 PM

Discussion and Commentary Dr. Konrad Petrovszky (Vienna)


7:00 PM 


Key Note


Prof. Dr. Suraiya Faroqhi (Istanbul/Munich)

Fast Food in Early Modern Istanbul? Buying Soup, Kebab and Halva ready-made in the Marketplace

8:30 PM: Dinner


Saturday, September 26TH

Panel III: Orientalisms and the Authentic 

9:30 AM

Dr. Maya Petrovich (Oxford)

Ottoman Spices since the 18th Century until Today: Dreams and Realities


10 AM Stefan Detchev PhD (Sofia)

“The Bulgarian Salads”: The Road from an European Innovation to the National Culinary Symbol

10:30 AM Coffee Break 

10:45 AM

Prof. Dr. Ali Çaksu (Sarajevo)

“Turkish Coffee” as a Political Drink from the Early Modern Period to Today


11:15 AM 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rohdewald (Giessen)

Neo-Ottoman Cooking in Turkey after 2000


11.45 AM

Commentary and Discussion: Dr. Nicole Immig (Jena)


Commentaries Prof. Dr. Bert Fragner (Vienna)

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Fuess (Marburg)


12:45 PM: Departure / Possibility to Have Lunch together

2 PM- 4 PM: Organizational Meeting/Organisatorisches Treffen des Arbeitskreises Das Osmanische Europa 


Aylin Öney Tan: Ottomans in Europe, in: Hürriyet Daily News, 5.10.2015

Adelheid Wölfl: Šopska-Salat: Vom Ausländer zum Nationalsalat, in: Standard, 10.10.2015

Niocle Immig: From Kebab to Ćevapčići. Eating practises in Ottoman Europe, 24.09.2015–26.09.2015 Gießen, in: H-Soz-Kult, 02.02.2016.